Have you started a business or began consulting this year?

How would it feel to know enough about taxes
to be able to minimize what you pay both your accountant and the IRS?

After taking my course you will feel like a fish in water with all you learn and you will be:

(1) confident and knowledgeable about the tax process, (2) aware of things to ask about, 
(3) able to make informed decisions and (4) able to sleep more soundly at night.

Are you ready to invest in your business?
For a preview, watch me on Busy B Social's "Ask an Expert" series.

The course is $97.  
You will also have the opportunity to purchase a 1 hour consultation at 50% of my hourly fee when you enroll.

The course is a tax deductible business expense so it is less of a dollar output than you think!

Through this course you will learn key things needed to successfully run the tax side of your business:

  • How being self employed differs from being employed by someone else
  • Getting started: form of business options, EIN, setting up a bank account, business insurance, tracking income and expenses
  • Record keeping
  • Commonly used forms
  • Details about income and expense categories
  • Adjustment to income (health insurance, retirement plans)
  • Home office expense
  • Self-employment taxes
  • Estimated taxes
  • Security

Course Curriculum